Our FREE CALL button let's your internet customers call you online from anywhere in the world for free.

The truth! Most of us don't sit behind a computer all day! So how do we connect our internet customers to our business?

John sells his custom made guitars online worldwide.
John has installed a VOINEXT FREE CALL button on his website to let his customers call him online for free. This helps John close more sales. FREE CALL can go to his shop phone, his mobile or all of them together at the same time. John can also transfer to his answer service if his store is closed, or to another member of staff if he is away. John’s customers are happy.
John is customer centric. 

A FREE CALL service delivers more sales
and more business.

"A conversation is still the fastest way to close a sale." Even in this age of email and type chat, when customers get help talking to someone, agents can resolve complex issues faster and deliver personalised support.
Making those conversations happen easily and efficiently delivers more sales.

VOINEXT technology provides your business with a FREE CALL service - you only pay when customers call you from your website.
That makes good business sense!
Zero risk, more customers and
a FREE CALL service forever.

We are so confident that you will love our FREE CALL service that we are providing it to you free for ever. In addition, when you sign up we will also give you 60 minutes of free call credit. Now that's a really great deal.  

See our FREE CALL service rates here.

Global Access

By adding VOINEXT FREE CALL buttons your customers can contact you from anywhere in the World at no cost. We will provide 'Geo Fencing' as an upgrade option if you only want to receive Local, or Country specific calls.

Highly Secure

All of our VOINEXT FREE CALL conversations are encrypted from the web endpoint to the server.

Free Call Credit

We think your customers will love your new website FREE CALL button feature so much that we are providing you with 60 minutes call credit for FREE.

We will contact you when you need to top up your account with extra call credit.

Multiple Buttons

VOINEXT FREE CALL buttons can also save you and your company time and money by allowing your customers connect directly to different parts of your business, You can add lots of extra call buttons and numbers to your website through your personal call Dashboard. We will send you your dashboard login details after you sign up.

Low call rates

You only pay when we deliver your customer FREE CALL. There are no licence fees or monthly charges - Ever! Calls are charged at our low cost per minute call rates no matter where in the world your customer calls you from. Now that's a great value for money service.

See our great value low call rates here. .

Cross Platform

Voinext FREE CALL works on all devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and PC's.

So now you've got the picture.
Sign up and let your customers
call you online for free!

Business growing?

Requires more tools to engage with more customers?
VOINEXT CEP Customer Engagement Platform essential tools for growing your business.

VOINEXT is fast becoming the best Customer Engagement Platform ever.

With VOINEXT you have the ability to recognize and engage with both your regular and new website visitors. Read more...

VOINEXT offers more than simply connecting a call to your office number or your mobile phone. Read more...

With VOINEXT live customer profiling, your sales team can custom engage to speed the journey and personal experience of every potential customer. Delivering a better experience and closing more sales for your business..